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We have one hour classes for all skill levels and abilities. We also have one and a half hour classes for those who can do back handsprings plus. Athletes learn power tumbling and trampoline skills in a progressive manner. Athletes are pushed to achieve new skill levels. We have fun as we work hard!

Our competition classes are designed to create a supportive yet competitive environment where young athletes can push themselves to new heights. With experienced coaches and a dedicated team of fellow athletes, our competition classes provide the perfect platform for young athletes to hone their craft, improve their technique, and take their skills to the next level.

Taught by Sarah Hayward, ballet at Flipside runs every Friday from September to May, giving you plenty of time for students to experience the craft and immerse themselves in the beauty of ballet. Under Sarah’s expert tutelage, students will learn all the fundamental moves and positions, from pirouettes to pliés, and gradually build up their strength, flexibility, and grace. Best of all, students get to showcase their skills at a special end-of-season recital.