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  • United States Association of Gymnastics (USAG) specified Competition length rod floor with a USAG competition length run and landing area – 116 feet
  • A 70 foot rod floor running into a 23x24ft foam pit
  • 1 inground Eurotramp competition trampoline
  • 2 above-ground GaoFei competition trampolines
  • 1 above-ground Eurotramp competition trampoline
  • Two Eurotramp double mini-trampolines
  • 50 foot tumble trampoline
  • 2,500 square foot Cheerleading room with spring floor

Paulette Kline

Owner, Program Director

Dustin Kline

Owner, Competition and Recreation Tumbling Team Coach

Elsa Hassett

All-Star Cheer Coach

Eden Lindeman

All-Star Cheer Coach

Sandy Moon

Competition Tumbling Coach

Jan Oliver

Recreation Tumbling Team Coach

Kasey Norton

Recreation Tumbling Coach/Office

Sarah Hayward

Ballet Coach

Teresa Boots

Office Manager

Chris Boots

Office Personnel